It all started in the far 1989 when I, Valentin Petroff was thirteen years old and finally got my own home computer, that's right "home" - Oric Atmos working with a cassette recorder instead of floppy and a TV set instead of monitor. Its limited capacity and lack of specific information at that time forced me to improvise and experiment constantly in each direction (something that I still do). The need of graphic design software was satisfied by small programs using Basic, which helped me to draw pixel by pixel ... Then a few years passed and I acquired a new Apple II Plus, then a Pentium 166 Mhz, 800 Mhz and so on.

As time goes by my hobby - to create "computer images" becomes something more. I was looking for a realization and initially completed some joint projects with friends. I started working as a graphic designer in the field of printing, then in the Portuguese advertising agency - Bala Design and the Bulgarian - Artprint, until the autumn of 2007 when I became the founder of Lava Design Studio.

Briefly that's the story of the boy who grew up in a world of pixels, monochrome images and color separations, the rest you can see yourself in the present portfolio.